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Malaysia Travel Guide

Among all the countries in South East Asia, there is one country that is a tapestry of all the flavours, colours and sounds that is uniquely Asian.

Malaysia is the only country in this part of the world that has a rich potpourri of three (3) major Asian races (Chinese, Malay and Indian) and several other ethnic races in large numbers all at one single location.

It is this rich diversity that makes Malaysia so uniquely captivating to any visitors to her shores. No other country in the world can offer as many Asian cuisines, customs & traditions, sights & sounds that depict the exoticism of the Asian culture.

Indeed, this was the realisation that dawned on the marketing team that was tasked with promoting Malaysia to the world. And true to its tourism tag line, “Malaysia, truly Asia”, it has become a brand by itself among the international tourist community.

With more than 20 million people each year coming to savour what Malaysia has to offer, why don’t you come and have a Malaysian holiday!

The Malaysia Travel Guide, a sister site of the Philippines Travel Guide, aims to take and guide you to make your holiday in Malaysia a truly enriching and memorable experience. Drawing on our personal experiences, Malaysia Travel Guide is able to offer you an unbiased and unbridled outlook at travel throughout Malaysia.

It is easy to succumb to the sweet allure of a marketing message but nothing can compare to first hand experiences of seasoned travellers to complete the picture of a bustling metropolis to that of a rainforest paradise.

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Malaysia Travel Guide Site Map
Malaysia Travel Guide Site Map
Kuala Lumpur full of contrasts, full of life.
Kuala Lumpur where the old and new meet and blend as one.
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Kuala Lumpur Landmarks shrouded is archietectural history
Hotels in Kuala Lumpur has all accommodation classes covered
Hotels in Kuala Lumpur will fit every budget
Langkawi shrouded in myths and legends
Langkawi enjoy the azure waters surrounding these islands
Penang a facinating colonial past
Penang the exotic food capital of Malaysia
About Malaysia do you know how many states there are?
About Malaysia how is this country divided up?
Travel to Malaysia is very simple either by air, rail, road or sea
How do I Travel to Malaysia?
Malaysia Travel, the best way to get around Malaysia
Malaysia Travel, how do I get around Malaysia?
Malaysia Culture, a melting pot of many nations
Malaysia Culture deep in traditional beliefs
Malaysia Facts there are so many different and interesting facts about Malaysia
Malaysia Facts from natures wonders to Malaysia's cuisine, everything is rich!
Malaysia Visa do you get one automatically?
Malaysia Visa, what nationality are you?
Datai Langkawi the beach you go to when you need some R&R
Datai Langkawi has beauty and isolation