Peninsula Malaysia has so much to offer!

Peninsula Malaysia

For any visitor to Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia offers a limitless array of holiday options.

If you are looking for a quiet and unhurried holiday, go north to soak up the sun on the numerous island resort beaches along its coast line. Alternatively, you can experience the cool mountain breeze up in the mountain resorts of Genting Highland or Cameron highlands. Or if you want a touch of Victorian ambiance to go with that cool mountain breeze, then head up to Fraser Hills, a former tin mining outpost 1,500 meters above sea level.

For something more scenic and rustic, take a drive to the east coast to visit the quaint fishing villages and laid back towns that dot the East Coast region.

Peninsula Malaysia Map

If history or culture is more your cup of tea, then head south to the historic city of Malacca for a peek into the early history of the spice trade and the “Land of Nine States” (Negri Sembilan) to experience the cultural hospitality of the Minangkabau.

If partying, wining and dinning is what you want to do, then just stay in the Central region, the home of the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.

Regardless of what you want, each of the four regions of Peninsula Malaysia has its own unique offering guaranteed to keep you constantly occupied.

Peninsula Malaysia - The Central Region

Consisting of the Federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, the Federal territory of Putrajaya and the state of Selangor, the Central Region is the administrative and economic hub of the country. Its most famous icons are the Petronas Twin Towers and the Sepang Formula 1 International Circuit.

This region is also the most developed part of the country and its road are not exempted from snarling traffic jams that plague most developed cities around the world. Nevertheless, the new administrative capital, Putrajaya, is also a model development of an intelligent garden city. Its detailed development and pioneering designs take into account the preservation of the environment.

The main tourist attractions in Putrajaya include the Putrajaya Tropical Botanical Gardens located at Precinct 1, the Putrajaya Lake and the Putrajaya Wetlands.

Peninsula Malaysia - Northern Region

Malaysia’s main rice producing states are located in this region. The state of Perlis and Kedah are known as the “rice bowl” of Malaysia and their landscape is dominated by picturesque paddy fields.

You will also find the island of Penang, “Pearl of the Orient”, in the Northern Region. Despite the rapid development, the local government have managed to preserve a great deal of Penang Island’s colonial heritage. In fact Georgetown on Penang Island is classified as an UNESCO World Heritage City.

It is also in the Northern Region that you will find Asia’s first UNESCO Global Geo Park on Langkawi Island

Perak, “the Silver State, is well known for the Pangkor Island resort.

Peninsula Malaysia - The East Coast Region

The first thing that springs to mind when visiting the East Coast Region is the contrast that you will find between the rustic fishing villages dotting the shoreline of Terengganu and the laidback ambiance of Kelantan one of the cities of the Central Region.

Malaysia’s only casino is also located here in this region sitting on top of Genting Highlands in the state of Pahang. The Resort World theme park is also located within the same vicinity of the casino. It is also here in the state of Pahang that you will find “Taman Negara” (National Park), a 130 million years old rainforest wildlife sanctuary.

Peninsula Malaysia - Southern Region

This region is especially rich with historical relics, over 600 years old.

So it is not surprising that Malacca is being tagged as a UNESCO world Heritage City.

Negeri Sembilan is especially well known for the “Adat Perpatih” traditions. The Malays here are said to have descended from the “Minangkabau” of the highlands of Sumatra in Indonesia. What’s unique about the Minangkabau’s culture, in the face of modern society, is the fact that the womenfolk are the ones that get to wear the pants of the household, figurative speaking. In other words, the Minangkabau’s society is matriarchal in nature.

The southern most state of Malaysia, Johor, is home to numerous outstanding golf courses and first class blue water island resorts like the Pulau Besar Aseania Resort.

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