Sri Lagenda Tower and Bloc

Have been staying in the Penthouse of Sri Lagenda Tower -- absolutely gorgeous views and there are friendly people in the building -- an important reason why I like to stay in apartments and condos better than an impersonal hotel where you never make new friends.

Though most of the apartments are tiled and remain clean and reasonably comfortable, the buildings are getting a bit run down though, there are efforts being made by long-term residents to lobby for improvements.

There are two "phases" -- the Tower in front with the best views and its own pool and the Blocs in back which form a U around a 2nd larger swimming pool.

On the plus side, there is good free parking, it's not far to Kuah Town or the ferry Jetty for duty-free shopping and the Night Market on Wed & Sat eves is walking distance.

On the negative side, halls and lifts are not quite as clean as some Westerners might want and some of the apartments need a facelift and new furnishings and/or occasionally need repairs to plumbing or electric.

Almost all apartments come equipped with an electric fridge and a propane gas cooker plus utensils; most have air con and basic cable TV. If you enjoy living in a mixed community of people of many races, both long and short term residents, including "yachties" coming in to stay while their boats are being repaired and pilots between flights, then this may be a good place for you.

If you need luxury, then choose from the many hotels; but if you want a pleasant and inexpensive stay on a beautiful island near shopping (most foreigners receive 90 days visa), then this is pretty good choice.

All apartments are privately owned but some owners have come together to share promotion at and on a Facebook site: Langkawi's Sri Lagenda.

For the most part, the furnished apartments will be cheaper than a hotel and prices go down the longer you stay.

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